Every Wednesday  at the Ocean View Hotel

8:00-9:00pm warm up and class 

9:00-11pm : Practica


Every Wednesday @ The Ocean View Hotel

9:00-9:30 :Strictly guided practica: When everyone dances at least one song with everyone else and provide feedback

9:30-11:00: Informal practica/ social dance 

Last Monday of the month

8-11pm @ Las Iguanas : Social Milonga

* Please see notice board on the Home page for any temporary changes in the format ! 


Class /Practica & Social Dancing: £8 (£10 with visiting teacher)  (£4 voucher to spend at the bar at Las Iguanas)

Practica/Social dancing only: £5 ( £2 voucher) 

Course of 8 weeks beginners: £50 ( when applicable) 

NOTE: You can come to the class as a couple, or on your own  

Beginners Course

8th January

The OBJECTIVE: To teach the fundamentals of Tango to ensure that by the end of the course you will be equiped enough to start attending other social dances (milongas) outside the normal class practicas.

- Tango posture
- Balanceo & tango walk
- leading and following: giving and receiving energies
- Dynamic of embraces 
- introduction to different styles of tango Music
- connection
- parallel and cross steps
- Rebound and change of direction
- pivoting and ochos ( figure of 8)
- Cross steps
- Giros ( turn)
- Sacadas ( displacement)
The CODIGOS ( social etiquette) 
- how to navigate on the dance floor
- how to invite partners at a Milonga
- Other observations