What is it about tango that attracts so many people from all walks of life?  And why is it that no matter how much you have learned about the dance , you yearn to learn even more? 

For the start, the music and the dance itself carry so much history. Multiple studies, theories have been written about how it became, but in the nutshell, the dance was developed in the early 1900s in the slump  La Boca, the port of Buenos Aires, where migrants arrived in numbers. The music and the dance was their ways of expressing the nostalgic homesickness, of their love lost, of the hardships, of the pastime & encounters while making new life in a new land.  A mixture of African & Latin  cultures, came together in the melting pot. That is why it is so rich, so full of emotions.

It is not just a dance with certain sequence of the steps, it is completely improvisational, you learn how to express, interpret you feelings through the music, and the bodies become an instrument, a pen, a paintbrush that create beautiful poems and paintings. Learning a dance is like learning a new language, a few basic words, the structure, then sentences, then the poems. Or like learning how to paint, a few simple strokes, a few simple coulours, then the framework, the figures, the layers. There is no ending , for every picture you paint, you always want to paint another, a better one.

However, the most important aspect, the embrace, the connection. Though the busy life and making a living, we function through society  and in the process forgetting our inner connection and connection with others. We get lost in the chaos of the modern world. Tango allows you that moment, when you drop everything and embrace another human being, and let ourselves express the music. Thus sometimes it's referred to as "meditation for 2" .

That's the seriousness side, tango is also fun and get you fit, you can learn different styles, be it close or open embrace, traditional or alternatives. Not to forget the social aspect, here you have a chance to connect with the like-minded people, not only locally but all over the world. Make new friends, travel and feel part of the bigger scene. The dedicated Bournemouth  team regularly travel to London, Europe and Buenos Aires  to dance and connect with other fellow dancers and to learn more about the dance, the music, the culture and ready to include and share that experience to all members.

Tango also has another edge to other dances. It tends to unleash the inner artists in people and open opportunities to go deeper than just dance. Over the years, we have seen so many, inspired by it all, have become established artists, writers, painters, some have become tango teachers  and Dj themselves.
So why tango? Why not?....